The Key to Energy Work and Healing

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When doing energy work most people focus on their chakras. Whilst this is a good practice it, in some cases it can lead you to a place of cognitive dissonance. Meaning you become ungrounded and somewhat detached from the ever manifesting patterns you experience. While this may make you feel ok, it doesn’t change the challenges you face. Working on the chakras really is only a very small part of true energy work. Bringing from the sky down to earth is where change and transformation occurs.

Seeing that missing part of true energy work is often overlooked or not understood and needs highlighting. It is vitally important to work on our elemental body as our earth existence can only be mastered if the elemental body is transformed. Your soul is the light but your elemental body is the POWER!!!

Using Platonic Solids is KEY!!!

Our mind innately identifies with these symbols and while we may have a sense of them, truly understanding what they represent for us and practice healing with them brings the necessary grounded understanding and change.

The tetrahedron has four triangular sides - Fire
The hexahedron has 6 square sides - Earth
The octahedron has 8 triangular sides - Air
The icosahedron 20 triangular-sided three dimensional shape - Water
The dodecahedron contains 12 pentagonal sides - Ether or universe

Working with them can be done in many ways.

  • Grid layouts with the elements in position representing the four cardinal points North (Earth), South (Fire), West (Water) and East (Air) and Esther in the centre.
  • Sitting within a circle grid and holding the Ether whilst meditating initiates your energy in a very different way.
  • In a similar fashion laying the platonic’s in the form of a pentagram: Earth right leg, Fire left leg, Water left arm, Air right arm and Ether for the throat. This is another great activation.
  • Using a quartz crystal singing bowl to amplify the energy of each element increases it’s vibration enabling you to bring up the specific elements energy to explore what you need to unblock.
  • Or just sitting with each individual element in seperate meditations to explore what you need to unblock.

Craig personally uses the elemental working as fundamental to all his energy work. For him there is extensive understandings that can sharpen and increase your knowledge and healing.

The standard sets available are very small, usually ranging between 1cm-1.8cm, which are not satisfactory workable sets. Unfortunately it is extremely rare to find large sets, so we have had our sets specifically made for us and are an x-large size at 4cm encompassing both male and female energy (slightly cloudy in nature). To give further explanation, clear quartz, whilst it’s transparency may be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, is “male quartz” (male energy - focuses more on the mind and amplifies thought forms, positive or negative), milky quartz is “female quartz” (female energy - focuses more on the feeling).