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Why a Ritual Session?

Why a Ritual Session?

Why a Ritual Session?

Firstly an understanding needs to be had when transforming yourself spiritually. The Ego is where you see everything from! It is from that self that you want to feel the pleasure of a better life, it’s the Egos reason that you feel life isn’t enough. It is the Ego’s satisfaction that even becomes the reason for your spiritual practises. It holds onto everything it experiences and desires and creates very powerful and convincing explanations about anything challenging it before it will concede it was wrong about what’s held onto. The Ego almost needs something physical to see, that it can’t argue away, before it will allow its view to alter. It needs to be tempted by what “it can get from the change” as the terms to change. But it’s the Ego itself that needs to go.

Deeper spiritual work isn’t like that.

The real work spiritually is to bypass the Ego. Deep rituals such as plant medicine put the one to be healed through a ceremony. In these ceremonies the person is shown through the ritual experience the nature of “what is to change”. But most who have this experience believe the ritual changed it already! What actually takes place is the person who partakes in the journey activates themselves so life moving forward would manifest pressure on the ego to let go, but almost all who do this type of ceremony do not realise this!

The ceremonial influence will have a limited time of manifest potential to create the change. We have had numerous people who have attended these rituals overseas or here in Australia that come for healing with us, that express after a period of time they haven’t felt the change they believed the plant ceremony promised them, which just reinforces what we already know.

It did have the potential to work for them, but most forget as time moved forward what they were told in their ceremony and missed the point. The plant work is powerful in ceremony but it is gentle when manifesting the opportunity to change. The pressure that “will” make you different will wane away from plant medicine ritual.

Ritual magic is different!

The willingness for change anyone pursues in spiritual work, no matter how deeply you wish to be different, is under your chiefs direction, the Ego!

So what is the real reason for ritual performance of magic?

Specific ritual performance of magic nets the result from what is intended from the ritual. Once magic is performed it has a soul and it lives for its reason, the reason it was created. So the magic will knowingly raise that which is most necessary to be altered back to truth and won’t give up or wane until it has happened. The magic understands that Ego creates illusions about what it believes to be real! The ego always finds someone or something to back up its belief.

Ritual magic forces the Ego to stand aside so your soul can have its day. The ritual performance of magic will continue to pressure in a perpetually and ever increasing way the change required until the breakthrough takes place.

Then life now is proving to the ego what needs to change by constantly testing it with real life manifestations of the problems that form the wrong patterns of reaction, perspective and choice. This will be in a more intense and obvious way that cannot be dismissed. You will inevitably see the point and the magic lives its purpose… just as you are supposed to.

Falling into acceptance will occur via the direction of the magic and at a point, the change you have been looking for becomes easy.

NOTE: If you’re looking for a way to create a better life it is because you’re in belief that life has more to offer, but as the person you are you have not been able to achieve it. It’s the ‘you’ that needs to change first before that better life can find its way to you.

Through the pressure of society we are chasing something. The chase is a force we create that moves the life we want away from us. Life should flow towards you without stress being the force that creates it.