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Ritual of Letting Go

Ritual of Letting Go

Ritual of Letting Go

The ritual of letting go addresses issues relating to past circumstances and how it has created the thinker we are today. Our thoughts come from how we have previously identified with life and often leads us to manifesting situations that are problematic.

When we’re young we perceive our environment a certain way and as a consequence we chose the angle / perspective we view ourselves and our life from. This then forms a fixed the that way we see everything from so changing it can be hard no matter how much we have worked on ourselves.

The ritual of letting go is complicated work. Basically the younger you, you as a child is brought consciously into ritual. Sitting back in time I make contact with you and study the nature of your thinking. The angels and perspectives that you were viewing life from. Your mind is opened in this place and you are guided in that time away from fixed thoughts that have moulded the you today.

This is a time ritual. Time is moved through to perform it. When directly going to the past space it is to change how you grew from it. As years separates you today from the you back then, the changes that take place will first occur in dreams. This is where memory realigns itself. The dreams may seem chaotic, but they will never be something to fear. For those that have already experienced this, the dreams were short term, for some they were not even aware.

Initially you will not be aware of the subtleties of how you are different as it will grow in over time. We often say “if I only knew then what I know now”, well this for me is a way of using understanding from living a certain way only to find out there was a better way.

All ritual magic shifts you over a cycle of time. It is not spontaneous in it’s effect. What it needs to do is to move the manifested life into a new place and many changing circumstances will occur to make that happen. The alignment is natural without the need to control or do anything. It will go to where it is needed and the world you live in will form to suit it. There is no standard time frame that can be given as the structure of everyones lives are different.

In time you just find yourself to be different. Your thinking will come naturally from different angles without needing to tell yourself how to or not to think.

Your judgements will shift and your insights will open.

Ritual Cost $850

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