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Path Clearing & Banishing Ritual

Path Clearing & Banishing Ritual

Path Clearing & Banishing Ritual

Sometimes strong influences lay in our life’s path that seemingly have no origin. They are not from our personal patterns that emerge. Time delays, bad luck and influences on abundance can be from external influence.

Healing sessions will remove blockages that are just caused by the nature of thinking, trauma and fixed ideas of life. All thought creates what we see. We manifest our life’s experience through the reflections of our perceptions of what our past has told us.

Life is one big mirror!

That being said, sometimes things lay outside our “known” experience of life which are not seemingly from patterns or things we have experienced. On very rare occasions spells, curses or malevolent spirits may be present. As common as people think this about themselves it must be understood it is very rare!

These are outside of our thoughts, but our thinking is pressured within them. But also today’s society is a construct of rules which creates forces unseen. They are a part of life but should not affect our manifest experience the way they do.

During workings in these rituals the spirit master I work with performing “path clearing and banishing” highlighted that time itself was a curse. Personally I would never have thought of that. We just do our thinking and work within time’s pressure.

Time is an influence upon us and life is bound to time. So time is an influence within our personal abyss whether we like it or not, it’s creating pressure which can limit what manifests.

So just being human has external pressures which stand in our way just because we are part of a culture that places pressure on us. We drive ourselves with expectations of our own but also from expectations of others and our society. So from our expectations and societies rules we are bound inside a bubble which dictates what life can offer or show us. Anything that an environment is will evolve you to suit it.

Think of an animal that naturally adapts to its environment! It has physically manifest itself with a way to fit into its environment. It’s behaviour, diet and social interaction is dictated by is world not by choice. That happens from the environments pressure, not it’s thinking. It’s intuitive and the environment tells the animal how it will look and act. That is happening to all of us outside of our thought by the same means.


So the “path clearing ritual” is for breaking through to constraints of the invisible bubble we live within. The roots from which all our lives grow from are in pots. The pot must be broken if the roots are to reach out further. This is the “path clearing and banishing” influence.

As this ritual is performed remotely and is available to anyone in any location.

This is the ultimate gift you can give yourself and for those you love.

Your new life awaits!

Ritual Cost $750

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