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About Us

Craig Stephenson

Shaman, Healer & Ritual Magician

Craig in this current life, is an involuntarily elected Shaman. This is a process where all life as he knew it changed, nothing was left of the life he once knew. In this space removed from the world, he died, this death was not metaphorical but actual. From his death he returned as someone new, knowing in an unknown way the direction to take, as if the future was a memory rather than something unknown.

As time moves so does the rhythm of the shaman trainee, guided by the spirits and remembering skills that were not previously known from this life, then the full knowing of the shaman appears.

What was known came from memory, an old memory of time lived performing acts of healing, divining answers, hearing the spirits and already knowing them like they were old friends.

Shamanism in truth is a tough road, especially when involuntary, as the involuntarily elected shaman is not there by his own conscious choice in that life. Shamanism where the practitioner chooses the path consciously in a life, is where the practitioner is trained by an existing shaman master and is guided with the masters understanding.

Involuntary shamanism is where there is no living master present, only the knowing of being taught, seeing and hearing the spirits teach, evolving from what is now known.

Regardless of the absence of a formal master, the obtaining of his Tunsuk was guided by existing leaders through an altered state of consciousness. In this altered state Craig was received by living guides to be taken into the other world to a location, a waterfall. Behind the waterfall was a cave, this was the door to where Craig retrieved his Tunsuk. This is a mystical animal that has great powers and was the final vital test before being a fully recognised shaman.

The beginning of shamanism for Craig started when he was young, signs of the unseen by others but obvious to him but never really speaking of the exceptionally unusual experiences he was being prepared for in his later stage of life when it would truly manifest into the Shaman.

This past influence as a shaman was presenting itself in this life to be ignited once again. With old wisdom built into a western experience his skills are applied to a life where connection to ourselves and the Earth are now far more complicated. We no longer live simple lives, in modernising ourselves we have created a disconnectedness to our true selves. Having a Shaman that knows the old way, but able to understand the modern world through living a life within it, Craig is able to bring you back to your true self, connected and happy.

Michelle Wallace

Shaman, Clairvoyant & Psychic Medium

Michelle from a very young age has always cared deeply about others. Since losing her mother at the age of 9 she fully understands the grief and despair from losing a loved one. This began a quest to reconnect with her mother whom she always felt was still around her.

Michelle has always had a natural intuition and an ability to read people, situations and just ‘knew’ things without a thought as to how she knew them. Growing up this way was completely normal to her and she assumed that that’s how everyone is.

As an adult she realised she was different.

From a very early age even people she didn't know and who were much older than her would start conversations, initially general in nature but quite quickly changed to them completely opening up to her about their lives and their troubles, she cared about each and every person she met and would impart wisdom and guidance well beyond her years, through what she has now come to realise is psychic counselling.

Michelle has completed 9 years of intensive training into shamanism. This process was a full time learning through ritual work, reading her everyday environment and deep interactive discussion about all things manifest. As an initiate working with powerful spirits that engage with her real world raising chaos and challenges that she must see and overcome using a conscious knowing of why and how these things are happening.

Michelle then completed her last test and final rite with allowing powerful spirits to channel her physical movement to perform an ancient rite of resurrection. These rites belong to the spirits and are performed by the spirits through the shaman.

The next stage of ritual workings was to cross time itself, see through time from the other side to this world. Altered states are attained so that the shaman is no longer functioning from within this reality but does so from “the world of spirit”.

Learning to be in these states takes a tremendous amount of courage as the shaman must go through death in ritual and let go of any sense of life on this side. In this state, the shaman is completely without ego or any sense of who they are in this life, so extremely clear spirit interactions occur with nothing distorting or filtering any teachings.

Michelle as a Shaman uses her Clairvoyant and Psychic Mediumship to be an intermediate between the spirit world and her clients. Through her natural abilities of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairtangent and mediumship she receives information and messages to bring clarity, guidance and healing to all that seek it.