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Michelle has helped myself and my son out of a very dark place. She helped me to navigate my feelings and actions in a way that made sure I was not repeating the same mistakes over and over and I could realise my own self worth and to be ok no matter what is happening around me.

Michelle has gone above and Beyond when it comes to taking the time I needed to understand what was happening in my own life and I truly believe that she may have saved my life by not giving up on me when things were really rough. I have tried many therapies for myself and have never been able to make such a profound connection as if Michelle was my sister.

Michelle has also helped me with parenting and managing my teenage son with the difficulties of having autism. She has enabled me to be a much better parent and empower my son to do great things!

I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is currently finding life to be a struggle or is wanting to improve their life and the lives of the people they love ❤️ she is great in a crisis and can show a different perspective in any situation to empower you to deal with anything that comes your way.

I would also recommend both Michelle and Craig to work with children or adults with autism and their family’s as they have both helped myself and my son in ways that are not available in conventional therapies available to children with autism. My son immediately felt comfortable to be alone with both Michelle and Craig during sessions (something that is very unusual for him) and was always happy to return.

Overall I am so very grateful for both Michelle and Craig who have been such a blessing over the last few years and for the intense counselling and guidance I have received from Michelle over the last few months that has brought me though an incredibly difficult time.

I have recommended both Michelle and Craig to many friends and personal and professional areas of my life and I will always be grateful for Michelle’s words of wisdom that I use even when she is not with me.

Rebecca, Exford Victoria

This testimonial is coming straight from the heart, as I couldn’t be more sincere in my praise for Michelle.

I’ve tried traditional psychology therapy sessions to understand myself and my emotions, but Michelle’s approach to healing and spiritual guidance is something else. She’s incredibly gifted at unpacking what you’re going through, and her clairvoyance power takes it to a whole new level.

What I find truly impressive about Michelle is her ability to provide straightforward honest guidance, as well as her ability for helping you see your problems from fresh perspectives. In therapy, I often received generic reassurances like ‘things will get better,’ which felt like they were just trying to ease my emotional distress. With Michelle, you get the unvarnished truth. She doesn’t offer sugar-coated answers; instead, she provides straightforward, no-nonsense guidance that cuts through the clutter… still, in the most soothingly refreshing way. It’s brilliant!

After every session with Michelle, I am left with an overwhelming sense of peace and relief. She is truly remarkable, and I am immensely grateful for the clarity and understanding she has brought into my life.

Felipe, Port Melbourne Victoria

Michelle has helped me find peace within myself from a depth I had never felt before seeing her.

I went to classic psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health nurses, somatic therapists, ‘spiritual healers’ and other such practitioners for 15 years searching for peace within myself. I was on medications for diagnosed mental illnesses for 12 years. It was not until I started working with Michelle that I REALLY FELT the true shifts inside me. Michelle can see exactly what I need to heal and she delivers it in a personalised and scaffolded way so that the work lands powerfully where it needs to.

I never realised how much anxiety I was living with until I felt it melt away through sessions with Michelle.

The way Michelle works seems so simple even though it is very deep. She never confuses me with ‘new psychological frameworks’ I need to understand so I can heal. There are no new methods or tools of practice (see CBT etc.) I have to take home with me and perfect before I can start to feel better. All the work happens within the session and when I leave I can FEEL the difference in how I interact with the world over time. There are less triggers and the stress seems to melt away. I’m able to see more beauty in the world all around. I am able to be around people who used to trigger me, without feeling anything but gratitude for all I have.

When I started seeing Michelle I was full of anxiety (which I was unaware of) and triggered by everything. I can calmly say now that very few things trigger me or pull me out of myself.

I am eternally grateful for bringing Michelle into my life and I cannot sing her praises enough.

Lauren, Northcote Victoria

I am so grateful for everything you have done and continue to do for me Craig. It seems like many lifetimes ago since our paths first crossed at the market, and at that time, I had no idea of the journey I was about to embark on and what a profound positive impact you would have on my life.

When I first came to see you, I was lost, unsure of who I was and in a very dark place. You kept me safe from harm when I thought harm was imminent, and installed confidence in me when I wasn’t able to see the light that was hidden inside.

I find it difficult to articulate the amazing things that you do; because to me, what you do is amazing! No words can describe everything that flows through you and the high degree of wisdom that emanates from within. I have seen you develop new skills, receive new wisdoms, unlock lost learnings, create amazing art, and so much more….. and with every new thing, I say, bring it on!

I have absolute trust and confidence in all of the work you do with me. The Dark Knight ritual you recently did had an amazing result; this ritual removed the last element of self-doubting mind chatter that existed in my head, literally the morning after the ritual I woke and it was gone. I cannot recall a time in my life where this didn’t exist to some degree and now it’s gone for good. I can’t describe it any better than, it’s as if it was never there. I know how extensive and taxing the ritual is on you and I sincerely appreciate what you do.

You have guided, healed and taught me, and continue to do so. The person I am today, the joy, the love and the happiness I feel and experience everyday has a lot to do with the help you have given me. You are a blessing in my life.

I have no hesitation recommending Craig or Michelle to anyone looking for assistance, guidance or insight with their spiritual journey.

Gavin, Victoria

Thank you Craig for the transformational and profound healing work you do and thank you for doing it with such humility, respect and professionalism.

I have noticed numerous subtle positive and powerful shifts in my perceptions, thoughts and energy since my sessions with you. As a result I feel more balanced, at peace and  have surrendered to 30 plus years of repetitive behaviour which did not serve me. I feel liberated. In addition, my children and my mum have noticed more balanced perceptions, recovered from anxiety, made powerful choices and feeling more energetic and positive!

It’s easy to make decisions and change behaviours in our minds, but the cells need to resonate, by releasing old memories and perceptions which no longer serve, then we are free to move forward.

As a Wellness Coach, passionate about people and personal growth, I have deep respect and a world of gratitude for your work.

Tania, Victoria

Michelle and Craig have been a constant support in my life for many years. Michelle is a potent truth seer and speaker who guides you through the layers back to your truth and Craig is an amazing Shaman medicine healer and crystal alchemist that pulls the cords that no longer serve you, retrieves lost parts of your soul and shines a light on your journey and then shares his wisdom. I know they do so much more but this is what they have done for me… I take this moment to honor them both in their soul purpose and work. I am so grateful for the love, support and wisdom they have given me which has kept me on my spiritual path.

Alisar, Parkdale Victoria

My first reading with Michelle remains one of, if not the most accurate and life-affecting encounters I have had with any psychic. Michelle brought up events in my past that I had never told anyone about (and in many ways had forgotten about myself) which, over the years, I had subconsciously allowed to hinder me in various aspects of my life. I have since re-visited Michelle on several occasions for her psychic counselling sessions, in which she has guided me to overcome both past and present obstacles. I have also received powerful healings from Craig which have raised my vibrational and creative energies, and overall helped improve my general sense of well-being . On one occasion, Craig also detected a few physical ailments of mine which I never mentioned (nor were they the reasons I had come to see him) but he addressed them nonetheless. It has personally been a challenging journey, but with both Michelle and Craig’s help, I have managed to turn wishes into reality and successfully manifested the career of my dreams. I absolutely trust their ability, and have recommended (and will continue to recommend) them to many of my friends!

Vicki,  Frankston Victoria

It is well known in psychology circles that there are a few key events at certain stages in our lives which shape the way we see ourselves and others for the rest of our lives. These could be good things, but often also include significant inhibitors to ourselves. The effect of these events live vividly in our subconscious for our whole lives, continually affecting the way we live.

The field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been around for decades and under a skilled practitioner, can shown significant results. Craig’s shaman ability makes him much more than just a skilled exponent of NLP, he has an uncanny ability to see in you where your ‘blockers’ are hiding and then ask the probing questions that lead you to discover what they are. Once discovered, he takes you on a journey of understanding them and putting them into a perspective and context of what they fit today. The relief of removing a yoke from around one’s neck as well as the new found freedom to realise what has been influencing your life in many subtle ways is palpable.

Craig certainly has a very rare and genuine gift. There are a lot of people that call themselves healers or shamans, but very few actually measure up to the ability that Craig demonstrates. I can whole-heartedly recommend Craig to anyone that wants to be the best they can and get the most out of life!

Manfred, Beaumaris Victoria

I had depression off and on for 10 years and had been seeing physiologists and psychiatrists throughout that time to no avail. In my darkest days and as a last resort I was considering voluntary respite for up to two weeks which was to involve trial medications and possibly shock treatment, when I happened to meet Craig in a car park. I had already been to other healers for several years without success but I decided to try Craig anyway.

Well after one session wow all those dark thoughts were gone, words cannot describe, what Craig does is amazing, the sensation you feel through the body when he heals you is something unreal and amazing. Thanks to Craig I am a different person and I am starting to enjoy life… at first it was so strange as I was so used to being unhappy I didn’t know what happiness was until now. I can’t thank him enough for what he has one for me.

Vic,  Dandenong Victoria

I am so grateful for the ongoing support that I have received from both Michelle and Craig. They are so committed to helping you on your healing journey. The depth of their work is truly profound. They have also taught me so much about the true healing power of crystals and the importance of clearing and re-energising them with a crystal bowl regularly. This has helped me to manage my own energy and that of my environment so much better. For people who have been to many other healers and still feel unresolved, I can highly recommend booking a double session with both Michelle and Craig

Clare, Black Rock Victoria

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the wonderful spiritual guidance and support given by Michelle. She has an extraordinary ability to unravel and clear the mind of ‘clutter’ enabling me to move forward in my life.

The special ability Craig has to clear blocked pathways and heal from within is a very powerful method. After many years of debilitating gastric problems since an operation to remove my gall bladder, I had countless visits to the doctors and specialists, undergoing gastroscopy, colonoscopy, MRI, ultrasounds and many medications with no relief and in the end only to be told that there was nothing more they could do to help me. I am extremely grateful to Craig for the wonderful healings I have experienced as I no longer suffer gastric problems.

I have also had counselling & healing double sessions with both Michelle and Craig which has resulted in even greater healing and an understanding of my physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Their passion to heal and help others is truly an inspiration and I am forever grateful. I have recommended them to my family and friends and they have also experienced  astounding healing in their lives.

Irene,  Beaumaris Victoria