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Ascension Ritual

Ascension Ritual

Ascension Ritual

The Ascension Ritual is a full rites ritual process I developed in order to unite the two souls within (one primordial, one light) to be together as one.

All Shaman know we have two souls. Your true Twin Flame is actually you and you (your two souls). The soul you need to be united with is your own “Primordial Dark Soul” not another person. This Soul is the lower soul and is the primitive soul, the Celestial Light Soul is the other, an enlightened and loving soul.

If we go back to creation, the first was the word REASON. From the word came the magic, the primordial fire of creation was lit. After the fire, came the air, then as the air cooled it precipitated and became the water (liquid) as space expanded these elements of fire, air and water came together and created the universe as we know it. It’s then the heavens were created within it!

When the primordial fire was lit, souls were released for the purpose of survival. These souls were created so life could evolve because evolution is what was needed. Nothing came from nothing but could not be what it is without time and the movement of evolution. The universe is currently dated at around 13.8 billion and humans as we know ourselves currently, appeared around 250,000 years ago. The rest of the time life was working itself towards who we are now.

The souls that moved through this time were Primordial for a reason. They had to fight to exist. The urge is to survive and reproduce, to protect and to kill if necessary. The world was hostile and only the most aggressive would survive it. These souls (Primordial) are dark because that’s what it took to survive. This is their reason, why they were created and given existence, so life finds its way.

As each of these souls came from the Primordial fire, a twin to each was created in the heavens. This twin was born in the graces of heaven and only knows love, kindness and connection. Its reason is to love! Its mission is to find it’s twin by coming into the world we know and it’s twin finds it. So in life they unite, but the need for the survival drive of the Primordial is no longer required, as life is now conscious and understanding. So the Primordial soul’s reason is now obsolete.

The Primordial soul is why you continue to incarnate. You see you will forever be Earth bound as long as this Primordial soul is. It’s what must ascend, then the Celestial soul can too. The celestial soul only has the seven keys for the Heavens, it cannot cross beyond them to stand before God as the Gates of creation were opened first, meaning these gates are the last ones to open on your way back to the beginning of it all.

Intact and whole, two souls united, twin flames ascended, two fires one red one blue together become the fully illuminated. The gates left to pass through have four locks. There is only one way to get through them. The Primordial soul owns the four elemental keys, to unlock the gates beyond the heavens.

Earth (structured matter), water, air and then into the fire that started it all. The ascended must return through what started it all, to live in the grace of the highest of heavens, through the 11th dimension of ALL. From this space is God and now you are with him, no longer looking across the abyss from the heavens at him.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about ascension, so what is the truth?

The primitive soul is currently in separation but is the one that you are actually eternally married too (your true twin flame). It’s there with you every time you incarnate and it’s angry that you leave it behind to fall back into the lower worlds when you die.

It resides at the back left side of your brain, so is right at the center of your thinking. This is why the mind is in angst and seemingly at war with itself. The light soul wants for nothing but happiness, but struggles to keep that feeling because the mind is where all is perceived as we look through our lens at the world.

The primordial soul is the CHIEF! It is the king and what it wants or it believes, regardless of what or how you want to feel, is what you’re stuck with.

At the moment of death you leave this world guided by the supreme angel of death “Azrael”. Three days after death the primordial soul is shepherded back to the lower world by “Archangel Azazel”. Azazel was created by god for this purpose and was never fallen as is believed by many. Azazel cares for the primordial souls whilst they wait in the lower world for you to incarnate. When you incarnate again, at the time of your third birthday the soul is released from the underworld to be with it’s twin.

It remembers and is upset for not having the chance to come with you so it is the adversarial in your life. Your celestial light soul lives in the heart. Coming from the heart is a great thing, but it alone doesn’t unite the two, thus does not ascend the “Primordial Dark Soul”.

It requires a specific methodology and the divine rites. In many traditions the workings of the shadow, the dark side aim to enlighten the darkness within. But this alone doesn’t conjoin the souls.

“The Ascension Ritual” is to unite and forge this union. The celestial light soul has the seven keys for the gateways to the seven heavens. The primordial dark soul holds the other four keys. Once the union of the two souls takes place you now hold all eleven keys to ascension.


This ritual unites you with your twin flame and ascension is assured. In one night I perform it remotely. You are not present, as working with the Primordial soul is a dangerous thing when released on its own. It’s dark, and without the celestial soul to keep it cool, it fights to survive. When I perform the ritual I must cross and work from the realms of death, where time is not present. What this means for those being transformed is they will not sense when it’s being performed as I’m working outside of time itself. Where a second moves in this world, in ritual it could be five hours or more for me.

It is ordained to happen this way as I will be isolating the primordial soul, so I can tame it, then I move it from this world, through the lower world gates, across to the heavily gates, to then stand before god. Then from this space back to the earth as a new born light soul, no longer dark.

Then I unite the soul with the body and a commandment is given that fuses the two souls to become one, no longer separate, no darkness left. The day after the ritual is when the path of transformation begins to take place.

This process differs for everyone as each persons experiences and lives are different. For many a number of manifest situations reveal hidden truths and understandings. This process can take place over the following 2 to 3 months.

The union I do is at a time ahead of the now, so it sits on your path in the near future. The union occurs within the first 4 to 5 weeks, but the manifesting changes and mending can take longer. They are not necessarily notable differences that those around you can easily observe. Your energy will be completely different and attachments begin to let go. You will as time moves forward, find the most incredible peace and zest for life, no longer focused on small destructive ways, which currently you may not even realise you do. You simply can’t mess it up in any way, as the magic of this ritual has already created your happiness and success… from the night of the ritual you simply start walking towards it until it’s manifested in your life.

You have the ascended experience before death itself, enjoying and experiencing what it means whilst still living here on earth.

There is also something much bigger to understand, this is true ascension not just in this life, but in eternal life! Your place beyond the heavens is absolute.

I have mastered this ritual, which has been some 11 years in the making – to bring these two fires that currently burn separately within, to unite and burn together as one in complete harmony. When this occurs change happens, it transforms annoyances, grievances and situations that triggered you in the past, so life begins to automatically flow in again bringing new opportunities, purpose, peace and happiness.

As an ascended soul in a living state on earth, should you desire it, you are able to evolve yourself spiritually much further than you could have ever dreamed possible. Many spend their whole lives chasing ascension, believing they know the right pathway to it, only to conclude life not having achieved it and will continue to incarnate until it has been achieved.

This ritual is for those who are truly committed to living a better life for themselves and their loved ones, for those who are tired of struggling and suffering through the mental and emotional pain and anguish life has shown thus far. It’s for those who are committed to wanting to live a great life, one of peace, harmony, joy, love, abundance, purpose, fulfillment and true eternal ascension.

As this ritual is performed remotely it is available to all adults and children above 3 years old living in any location.

This is the ultimate gift you can give yourself and for those you love.

Your new life awaits!

Ritual Cost $750

Craig 0435 855 391
Email: spiritualguidance@bigpond.com