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Oils of Ascension

Oils of Ascension

Oils of Ascension

A set of 12 powerful oils for ascension, transformation and elevating the energy increase through each energy center and the four elements.

The eight energy centers (chakras) align with each planetary archangel which elevates your energy centers.

The four elements (fire, air, water, earth) align with each of the four cardinal kings which adds power to your energy.

Each oil was created in accordance with the Governing spirit they represent. Roots, herbs, and other materials along with the specific oils were brought together and then ritually charged and blessed by that governing spirit. Eg archangel Michael the Governor of the sun (solar plexus).

These very powerful oils can be placed on the body (anointing yourself – instructions included), used to anoint candles, used in a diffuser, used in meditation and ritual work.

Included: 12 bottles, Sage, Instructions

Cost: $500

*  Bottles can be purchased individually $60/each

Our Healing Centre and Showroom is located in Black Rock Victoria (by appointment only). Alternatively, they can be shipped to you at an additional cost.

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