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Shaman Healing

Shaman Healing

Shaman Healing

Shaman Healing is an extremely powerful and effective means of healing on all levels: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. It clears and removes destructive negative energy from the body, replacing it with pure positive energy, allowing health to return and positive shifts to occur in your life.

It is very interesting that we in the western world have a very reactive approach to our health, happiness and wellbeing where we will typically only consider or seek healing when problems and illness have already appeared in our lives whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

In western society, Shaman and Shaman Healing practices are unfamiliar to most non-indigenous individuals. Despite this, people are increasingly finding their way to Shaman for all types of health challenges, and most notably when they are not making satisfactory improvements with conventional approaches.

In complete contrast, in the Eastern World they have a very proactive approach when it comes to their health and wellbeing whereby most will regularly see healers to prevent or eliminate problems and illness before they have a chance to appear so they remain healthy, happy and well without having to endure preventable illnesses.

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90 minute Shaman Healing Session $200
(In person sessions only)

What is a Shaman?

A Shaman is a healer who moves into an altered state of consciousness having the ability to move between the spirit world and our own, acting as an intermediary between both worlds to interact with spirit and channel these transcendental energies into this world to perform acts of healing.

Shaman have also been typically referred to as ‘medicine men’. They are keepers of a body of ancient techniques, used to achieve and maintain well-being and healing for themselves and their community.

Shaman help people transcend their normal, ordinary definition of reality, including the definition of them as ill and shows his clients they are not emotionally or spiritually alone in their struggles against emotional issues, mental illness, physical illness or death.

What is Shaman Healing?

Shaman healing is based on a holistic approach to health where everything is interconnected and incorporates a number of different elements, including: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. It is an ancient form of spiritual healing dating back more than 40,000 years. The techniques used have withstood the test of time and are amazingly similar the world over, despite geographic and cultural differences among those practicing this mode of healing.

It is centered on the health of the individual and the community. Shaman can also help us rediscover our connection to nature and the spirit dimension by entering trance or journeying, accessing altered states of consciousness. From this altered state they are able to effect healing and become a medium between energy and form. This allows them to locate the source of any impediment in an individual’s aura, field or physical body and eliminate or alter it.

Shaman healing is a spiritual and medical practice based upon the belief that all healing includes a spiritual dimension and that negative mental patterns, left unchecked can eventually result in physical disease or illness in the body; and that by reversing or eliminating those negative mental patterns can in turn lead to healing. The spiritual healing methods of shaman are now receiving increased and significant attention in our culture, because shamanic healing affects the energy field of a person.

To do healing work of any kind a Shaman will typically journey to the spiritual cause of problems. A particular problem of everyday life might have very different spiritual causes. In other words, illness that looks exactly the same symptomatically in two different people might be the manifestation of different underlying situations. In one person, depression and fatigue can be caused from a spiritual injury to the heart; while the same symptoms might be caused from excessive worry in another.

The healing work requires two distinct phases:

1.   The accurate diagnosis of the seen and unseen energies at the root of the problem
2.   Carrying out the specific choreography of energies needed to resolve the problem

The shaman may serve by removing energies that are inappropriately present, or by returning energies that have been lost. This may include soul retrieval to accomplish healing via the return of lost parts of the soul.

There are a number of ways in which a shaman can bring about healing, some of which include;

Extraction is the process whereby the shaman removes unwanted or misplaced energy from the client. Misplaced energy can have its origin from many different sources, including negative thought forms, such as anger, jealousy, and envy, curses / spells and spirit possession. Symptoms may include localized pain, sudden anger, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

When people are vulnerable and disempowered it is possible for entities to enter our bodies. These misplaced entities can cause persistent sickness, soreness and many other undesirable things and happenings.

Misplaced energy in its most extreme form would include possession and the shaman’s job is to remove the possessing spirit from the client. This is a very common healing activity and the results are immediate and powerful.

Soul Retrieval where the shaman brings back an individual’s lost soul parts. Soul loss occurs when we experience trauma, shock, pain or loss. A part of the soul, an essence, leaves the body as a natural defense mechanism to avoid the pain of a particular situation. Some symptoms of soul loss include chronic depression, disassociation, addictions, illness, prolonged grief, PTSD, memory gaps / loss, a feeling of incompleteness and disconnection with the body. Causes for soul loss can include physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, the death of a loved one, including a pet, loss of job, financial loss, childbirth, divorce or separation, hospitalization, surgery, any kind of abuse, illness, accidents, natural disasters and war. Children can suffer soul loss from events that are traumatic to them, but may seem trivial to adults. Soul loss can also occur when another person “holds” onto a part of us, and won’t let go. The shaman’s job is to find the lost soul part/s and return it to the client.

Power Animal Retrieval is where the shaman brings back a spiritual guardian, usually in the form of a power animal to help restore power, protection, energy and vitality to an individual. Each animal has great wisdom and brings specific gifts, talents, strengths and purpose in helping an individual. Symptoms of power animal loss can be similar to the symptoms of soul loss and can include: chronic illness, chronic misfortune, long-term victimization, long-term depression, and suicidal ideation.

In tribal culture, the loss of a person’s spirit animal is the means to sickness and despair in many cases.

What illnesses can Shaman Healing address?

Shaman healing addresses the spirit aspect of illness. That is to say, it addresses the part of the illness that is in your spirit, soul, or energy body.  Shaman believe that illness/injury appears in the spirit before it shows up in the physical body, and that if the body is injured the injury will also exist on the level of the spirit.  Shaman believe that healing on the spirit level can prevent conditions from appearing in the body, and also that healing the spirit helps or allows the body to heal once a condition has appeared.

Unlike western medicine, the way that spiritual illness effects the body is not always the same. The way to address the same condition may be totally different from one client to the next. The “one method/one pill cures all” idea doesn’t work in shamanism. Shaman healing has affected cures on many different types of conditions and it is capable of addressing any illness. However, there is a difference between healing and cure. Healing occurs on many levels: in the emotions, in the body, in relationships with others, and in relationship to the planet. A cure is one-dimensional, you have an illness and a cure eliminates it. Cures do not address your sense of well-being, or whether your life is rich and full of power.

No shaman wants another to suffer. A shaman does the work because of a desire to ease your way, and out of wanting the best for you. However, most shaman understand that illness can be a great teacher. In fact it is the shaman’s own illnesses / difficult times that have created an open and compassionate heart. It is this compassionate heart that allows the shaman to heal.

A shaman knows how to be with you when you are suffering because of his or her own times of suffering. Therefore a shaman will not assume that curing your illness is the best thing. Instead he performs healing for your highest good. That means that instead of forming preconceived notions about what is best for you, the shaman lets the spirits / God / the universe make that decision and then acts as a vehicle to bring healing to you. This healing then may address something emotional, it may address something physical, but it is always intended to give you more spiritual power.

Shaman try also to engage your own healing abilities. Shaman certainly do work on the spirit level, clearing out blockages and returning lost power and soul parts, but one of the aims of healing is to connect clients with the power that is inside themselves. This power can be used to improve one’s life in various ways including: coming from a powerful place as you interact in the personal world or the business world, being a creator in the world, and being the healthiest human you can be.

Shaman Healing for children

The ultimate gift a parent can give their children is the opportunity to grow up without physical or mental blocks / illness or fear preventing them from being all that they can be, to grow up healthy, happy well adjusted beings.

Healing is extremely beneficial for children as unlike adults they have not had the many years of illness, trauma or conditioning and are very receptive, responsive and as a result usually heal relatively quickly and easily.

Not only can this type of healing clear the blockages in relation to illness whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual but can also assist with many other challenges often faced by children such as developmental difficulties, academic learning difficulties, fear, confidence, bullying, coordination / fine motor skills, divorce and abandonment issues, anger, sleeplessness etc.

The duration of the session is dependent on the age of the child and the cost is adjusted accordingly. In the case of babies, infants or toddlers who are too young to sit still for any length of time, healing is performed via a parent or carer.

How else can Shaman Healing help?

When we think of ‘healing’ we most often relate it to resolving issues or problems that impact our lives and hold us back from living a life of joy, happiness, abundance and love.

Shaman healing is not only an extremely powerful way to resolve these physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues / problems and blocks, but is also an excellent means for:

• Bringing about spiritual enlightenment / advancement
• Memory retention and enhancing concentration for learning and study
• Enhancing sports performance
• Opening / advancing clairvoyant gifts
• Lifting personal vibration, personal power and overall positivity

Additionally, once we can free our body and mind from the traumas, problems, blocks and fears that have held us back in our lives we feel so much lighter, a great weight has been lifted which is felt in our emotional, mental and physical body, and in many cases we will even look noticeably and significantly younger as a result. In some instances also the need for comfort food to feed our emotions is no longer craved, resulting in weight loss.

How many Healing Sessions will I need?

It is a difficult question to answer definitively because there is not a one size fits all when it comes to healing as it’s dependent on many factors, such as to what extent the person is seeking help, if there are multiple issues, what the underlying issues are etc, thus each person will need to be assessed individually. Some have many health challenges so the road will be longer, whilst others may require only a few sessions.

We all have different energy and every persons body reacts differently to the healing work, some respond immediately while others may take a little longer, as in many cases it has taken months or even years for your mind and body to be in the state it is, so you should not hold the expectation of one session cures all.

It is highly recommended you attend at least an initial 2 sessions, ideally 1-2 weeks apart, however just how many will ultimately depend on the level of illness and healing required, how well your body responds or what your goals and most desired outcomes are. In the case of children, they usually clear much more easily than adults and often only require one session.

After the presenting issues or areas of concern have been dealt with, many choose to return on a semi regular basis initially to keep up the positive momentum and keep on track whilst others choose to return on an as needs basis.

You don’t have to be suffering from an illness or disorder to receive the benefits of shaman healing. Having your aura cleansed from negative influence is always highly beneficial as we pick up negative energy attachments as we simply go about our daily life or your goal may be to open up or enhance psychic gifts… the possibilities are endless.

Many of our clients return on a semi-regular basis to maintain their general wellness and health, viewing it as a type of preventative maintenance program, others return earlier, as required, whilst others elect to continue the process and work on more specific sessions, some of which include:

• Releasing of deep fears
• Grief & Anger
• Phobias
• Inner child retrieval
• Menopause
• Infertility
• Releasing current or past life karma
• Past life healing
• Identification and retrieval of ‘dark knight of the soul’
• Opening or expanding on clairvoyance / psychic abilities
• Spiritual enlightenment / advancement
• Enhancing sports performance
• Memory retention and enhancing concentration for learning and study
• Ascension work

It is important to note, the positive effects from Shaman Healing is limitless and very individual.

Double Sessions

The Double Session is a combination of a 90 minute Psychic Counselling Session and a 90 minute Shaman Healing Session.

During the counselling session we look at deep seeded beliefs, cyclic patterns and blocks that have impacted you and the fixed way of thinking that has shaped your life. This gives understanding as to why you are where you are right now, and then by dispelling and releasing these limitations they no longer have influence on your future. Where required guidance and assistance is given to past, present and or future issues.

During the healing session any residual active thought energy resultant from the counselling session is cleared and extracted. Then healing of deeper issues not already addressed are further identified and extracted. For example deep trauma, fears, unnecessary forms of self-identity, depression, anxiety and trapped emotional pain.

The result is a powerful shift on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

3 hour Double Session $400
(In person sessions only)