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Ritual of Protection

Ritual of Protection

Ritual of Protection

In life things occur that effect our every day living.

If we own a business we may have someone we don’t even know speak ill of us through jealousy or competition. Whether we’re aware of ill speak, rumours and or accusations, it can all effect us and our business potential. It can even come from someone we have working for or with that is in someway holding the business back.

Similarly just as a person in life through work, social or living experiences may be effected through actions, rumours etc. We are often at the mercy in life to someone who’s malevolence can impact our experiences. Unfortunately people will be people. We sometimes find ourselves in warfare in very unjust ways and are forced to defend ourselves just because somebody felt it necessary to control our time.

We can protect ourselves from this unseen influence in life. If we are in a rightful way of ourselves and are not creating this conflict, then we shouldn’t need to find ourselves in it or subjected to it.

This particular ritual magic takes care of such activity. It works where necessary and it has been interesting for me to watch circumstances play out very differently to how they once did.

Two protection talismans are made which you take possession of. During the ritual you are passed through the talismans to activate the connection to you.

In addition, mars is also about action and getting things moving. Sometimes delays occur, activity may stop or slow down. We could be at war in life simply through inactivity. This ritual will assist in getting things moving again.

For those that believe spiritually they need protection there is no better rights of protection than this.

Ritual Cost $750 (including talismans)

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