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The merkaba geometric shape represents the perfection of the light body (soul/spirit), it is the chariot of your consciousness. It also represents the union between light, spirit and body. We are first a being of light, the spirit is the sentient conscious aspect that represents yourself and the body is the power that gives you existence in your earthly self. Within the merkaba is the sacred geometry of our elemental body (earth, fire, air, water and ether). If you look at Metatrons cube you will see the merkaba is central to its design, so along with the elements it also represents time.

The merkaba is all about personal development, the achievement of enlightenment and well-being, and/or communication with higher forms of consciousness. It is essentially a way of connecting with light, body, and spirit through the means of its geometry. It also represents the integration of the male and female balance that needs to take place within us. The male represents the cosmos, the celestial spirit, and the female represents the earth self, the body the power. When in balance you sit in a place that optimises your fullest potential.

When working with your merkaba light body in meditation it helps to connect with higher consciousness itself, the divine self, so the activation of the merkaba light body helps bring a sense of connection to everything, the all, rather than being in a place of separation. The separation from everything is a product of the “EGO”. Working with the merkaba helps balance the soul and mind with the body.

The merkaba also represents purity, divinity and perfection. So each time you work with your merkaba you are cleansing all that is imperfect. You get to see the manifest of imperfection and to accept its presence, learn what its meaning is to you and to let it go. All experiences whether positive or negative leads us to wisdom and evolution, to evolve from the person you are to the best you can be is our truest purpose.

How do I activate my Merkaba?

The best method for working with the merkaba is through ritual gazing and meditation. Through the ritual of gazing, you are forging a conscious connection between the Merkaba and yourself. Ritual gazing is a process where you place the merkaba in front of you as you sit in readiness to meditate. Gaze directly at the merkaba and identify with your intent that the merkaba represents you. As you fix your gaze at on the merkaba for a few minutes, you may notice it appears to be moving slightly or that it’s surrounded by a haze or an aura (a slightly altered look).

Once the merkaba has an altered look you can simply close your eyes and meditate. The process of the meditation is to ritually engage the subconscious understanding of your conscious intention. This is activation!

Note: Quartz merkabas are the best to use as natural quartz has specific properties that amplifies thought and emotion.