Crystal Skulls

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Crystal skulls have a mystical presence. To some they are disturbing, to others they’re intriguing but whatever your thoughts the skull has many fascinations.

Skulls are symbols that link to the ancient, they represent time passed, said to have emerged in crystal form from ancient cultures. Giving rise to mysticism the skull communicates to us with an internal ancient and lost knowledge. This knowledge is within us all, the skull helps us remember it.

Whether from an ancient time or not the crystal skull captivates, the presence of one opens pathways of imagined thinking. Once in a place of the imagined we are out of the structured pathways of thought we normally function in. In this space we are opened to receive new ideas and perceptions. For some visions of other time appear in the minds eye. Some have claimed to have seen holographic images from within the skull believing the skull communicates these images. Either way the skull is triggering these perceptions and visions linking us with an unknown or poorly utilised area of our consciousness. The more we engage this the greater our consciousness grows. We learn to move from patterns of regular structured thought into a more open way of thinking. Once in this place our manifest experiences, our interactions in normal life change in a more open and connected way.

The skull is also representing the faceless appearance, that without identity. This is the self without ego. Using the skull in gazing and meditation will start the process of moving the ego self out of the way, or exposing the ego self in its limitation. The one thing most would agree on is the need to remove themselves from getting in their own way.

The skulls obvious representation of death may challenge. But the death represented by the skull is merely the metaphor of change. Death is when one time finishes bringing about new life, it transforms.

The skull will also assist with our fears. It can help alleviate fear, or show us our fear is unreasonable and unnecessary. Fear in our lives is one of our greatest challenges as it stops us, it will cause us not to challenge something new, it stops us from being different or connected in various circumstances.

The skull is a useful metaphysical ally. Connecting with it you are linking your energy and consciousness to the power of the skull. The subconscious mind loves ritual. It will engage itself in this space as the energy and image of the skull activates the deeper space of the mind which helps bring the subconscious into the conscious space. To know and understand the deeper self limiting beliefs and perceptions held deeper than your conscious knowing is to begin to understand what has been holding you back. Deep within the subconscious is also your intuitive mind. The mind that knows the unknowable. You surface this increasingly over time as you work with your skull. It can open untapped psychic resources within.

Skulls carved out of stone / crystal other than quartz do equally as mentioned above. Each stone has its own additional properties that add to the experience. In other words the skull does not have to be clear quartz. A skull carved from stone has energetic qualities regardless of the type, but each adds additional healing qualities specific to that particular stone type. For instance labradorite, magical healing of the heart, used to access inter-dimensional realms and so on.

The skull is a powerful tool, to be used by any consciousness explorer. Its healing is in its ability to free the old tired fixed mind into a rejuvenated multi angled thinker. To see and perceive life with more than the singular view we have allowed ourselves to become fixed on. The skull will assist in the expanding inter-dimensional mind experience you are consciously seeking!