Healing with Angels

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We start by asking, so what really is healing?

Is it a sense of well-being, wanting to remove past trauma, be free of fear and anxiety, change your luck, change your current circumstances, want to manifest financially, is it being free from your triggers and the reoccurring patterns in your life you feel will never change?

We all have our own unique perceptions of the world and how things are that are very real and true for us. These perceptions become our crystallised normal reality and our ego continues this crystalline path, which is why things don’t change. Being able to look beyond the Ego’s view is an art. The ego will constantly reinforce itself and the need to hold onto its perceptions, thus we are really resisting change so history keeps recreating itself. The ego’s perceptions are a one-dimensional view of reality. When we reply to something we know is right with saying “yeah but”, this response is because regardless of what we know consciously is right, we have a manifested life that has told us something different. This history keeps recreating itself.

Here is an example. Someone may have grown up to the age of five or six and perceived their parents were constantly arguing. It doesn’t matter if they were or weren’t, what matters was the perception of the child. They may have felt one parents energy as abusive, even if it wasn’t. Later as they go to school they are constantly under the bullying of one or more children. As they grow and work they have an unfair sense of injustice in the workplace. When they are in relationships they are abused or gaslit. Their manifested experience holds the constant of them being attacked. They live with this as life constantly reinforces the ego that it is true. The truth is although whats all happened and may still be happening, is the consequence of crystallising the early belief that the way they saw their parents was abusive or unjust behaviour from one parent to the other.

To see differently is where correctly healing the root of when the perception took hold is removed and now out of the persons crystalline beliefs, even if the abuse was real. Letting go the perception because it’s no longer important. Once this has occurred the view of their world has changed, they no longer manifest the challenging reality of abuse. This is just an example as not every bullied person has manifested it in the same way.

How do the Angels work to help us?

Unfortunately they don’t just magically make things better. Simply calling out an Angels name and asking for help to gain any real meaningful healing has very little effect. People may get a sense of feeling better because they called on an Angel for help, but it’s really just a placebo. After doing ritual workings with the Angels you will get a greater understanding of “how” they work. This is not to say if you believe calling Michael for protection makes you feel safer that you shouldn’t do it, do what you need too, but for deep healing and change, ritual meditations conducted properly really surface and show you what you need healing from.

Angels are perfect and when the perfection of their energy crosses ours, our imperfections are raised. This brings the problem out from ‘your’ shadow thus is more visible to you. They provide us with an opportunity to see differently by bringing things into our awareness in a heightened way so we can finally see and understand what we’ve been creating.

It can really challenge the ego, as what you’ll realise is, these doggedly held perceptions have helped manifest the various situations we find ourselves in, and also what we perceived and projected during these interactions. Facing our ego can be extremely challenging, but once we can see our role in the creation of our manifest reality we can choose to let go of the perception. Then our view of the world changes and we no longer manifest that challenging reality. It doesn’t remove the wrong of the past, but it does manifest a completely different future.

You may or may not be aware of a well known person who found fame and fortune for her healing work with the angels, she wrote many books and designed various angel cards, only later then blamed the Angels for the issues that plagued her. Her life became problematic and like all strong egos, she blamed the Angels and called them demons. She didn’t understand the Angels role in healing her. The fact is, the Angels were doing their job perfectly, the issue was she couldn’t see what she was being shown. She expected the Angels to just fix things and didn’t take any accountability for and was unable to see and understand that it is her that is manifesting her reality.

This is how Angels work!

For deep healing and change, ritual meditations conducted properly, really surface what you need healing from so you can heal it and manifest a completely different future.