Inner Vision

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Our beliefs / perceptions shape our lives, because what we believe and perceive becomes our reality. We live our lives mostly unaware of what’s driving the way we think, feel and react. We ask ourselves “why does this keep happening to me?”

Inner vision is to look into ourselves to see the perceptions we hold. Our beliefs and perceptions are our own personal interpretation based on what we’ve seen, heard and endured usually at a young age.

The stronger the inner vision, the more you will see what your true beliefs and perceptions are and how they’re actually affecting your reality. With this insight and understanding we can then see why things keep happening to us or whether we’re holding a false perception, but more importantly it gives us the power to change these perceptions and break free from old patterns to create a new life for ourselves.

Working with specific crystals are a great way to assist with inner vision. Used in meditation you can direct the experience to the inner mind. You may receive visions or an understanding may appear during the meditation for you to interpret and understand.

** Nuumite – for the darker inner vision / perceptions

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