What illnesses can Shaman Healing address?

Shaman healing addresses the spirit aspect of illness. That is to say, it addresses the part of the illness that is in your spirit, soul, or energy body.  Shaman believe that illness/injury appears in the spirit before it shows up in the physical body, and that if the body is injured the injury will also exist on the level of the spirit.  Shaman believe that healing on the spirit level can prevent conditions from appearing in the body, and also that healing the spirit helps or allows the body to heal once a condition has appeared.

Unlike western medicine, the way that spiritual illness effects the body is not always the same. The way to address the same condition may be totally different from one client to the next. The “one method/one pill cures all” idea doesn’t work in shamanism. Shaman healing has affected cures on many different types of conditions and it is capable of addressing any illness. However, there is a difference between healing and cure. Healing occurs on many levels: in the emotions, in the body, in relationships with others, and in relationship to the planet. A cure is one-dimensional, you have an illness and a cure eliminates it. Cures do not address your sense of well-being, or whether your life is rich and full of power.

No shaman wants another to suffer. A shaman does the work because of a desire to ease your way, and out of wanting the best for you. However, most shaman understand that illness can be a great teacher. In fact it is the shaman’s own illnesses / difficult times that have created an open and compassionate heart. It is this compassionate heart that allows the shaman to heal.

A shaman knows how to be with you when you are suffering because of his or her own times of suffering. Therefore a shaman will not assume that curing your illness is the best thing. Instead he performs healing for your highest good. That means that instead of forming preconceived notions about what is best for you, the shaman lets the spirits / God / the universe make that decision and then acts as a vehicle to bring healing to you. This healing then may address something emotional, it may address something physical, but it is always intended to give you more spiritual power.

Shaman try also to engage your own healing abilities. Shaman certainly do work on the spirit level, clearing out blockages and returning lost power and soul parts, but one of the aims of healing is to connect clients with the power that is inside themselves. This power can be used to improve one’s life in various ways including: coming from a powerful place as you interact in the personal world or the business world, being a creator in the world, and being the healthiest human you can be.

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