Shaman Healing for children

The ultimate gift a parent can give their children is the opportunity to grow up without physical or mental blocks / illness or fear preventing them from being all that they can be, to grow up healthy, happy well adjusted beings.

Healing is extremely beneficial for children as unlike adults they have not had the many years of illness, trauma or conditioning and are very receptive, responsive and as a result usually heal relatively quickly and easily.

Not only can this type of healing clear the blockages in relation to illness whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual but can also assist with many other challenges often faced by children such as developmental difficulties, academic learning difficulties, fear, confidence, bullying, coordination / fine motor skills, divorce and abandonment issues, anger, sleeplessness etc.

In the case of babies, infants or toddlers who are too young to sit still for any length of time, healing is performed via a parent or carer. The duration of the session is dependent on the age of the child and the cost is adjusted accordingly.

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