How else can Shaman Healing help?

When we think of ‘healing’ we most often relate it to resolving issues or problems that impact our lives and hold us back from living a life of joy, happiness, abundance and love.

Shaman healing is not only an extremely powerful way to resolve these physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues / problems and blocks, but is also an excellent means for:

• Bringing about spiritual enlightenment / advancement
• Memory retention and enhancing concentration for learning and study
• Enhancing sports performance
• Opening / advancing clairvoyant gifts
• Lifting personal vibration, personal power and overall positivity

Additionally, once we can free our body and mind from the traumas, problems, blocks and fears that have held us back in our lives we feel so much lighter, a great weight has been lifted which is felt in our emotional, mental and physical body, and in many cases we will even look noticeably and significantly younger as a result. In some instances also the need for comfort food to feed our emotions is no longer craved, resulting in weight loss.

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