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Quartz Platonic Solids (Sacred Geometry)

Platonic Solids represent the sacred geometry that exists in all of nature. Each geometric shape has specific (mathematical) structural qualities which are associated with one of our five main elements. When one or more of our elements are out of alignment, life force energy is not able to flow unhindered and thus becomes depleted or non existent resulting in disturbances within our energetic field that can cause physical, emotional and mental issues.

When doing energy work most people focus on their chakras, however it is only a very small part of true energy work. Bringing from the sky down to earth is where change and transformation occurs. It is vitally important to work on our elemental body as our earth existence can only be mastered if the elemental body is transformed.

Your soul is the light but your elemental body is the POWER!!!

Using Platonic Solids is KEY to true healing!

Tetrahedron – Fire  (the male energy, confidence, self expression and creativity)
Hexahedron – Earth (the ego and our perceived identity)
Octahedron – Air (the mind and the child)
Dodecahedron – Spirit (the soul / spirit)
Icosahedron – Water (the female energy, the intuitive and emotions)