Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer, and general harmonizer, protecting the heart. It brings things back into control and is useful in malignant conditions. It settles nausea and dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. It defuses negative situations and turns them around. It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. It relieves stammers and severe neuroses, bringing understanding of what lies behind the conditions. It stabilizes one’s state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity.

Green Aventurine enefits the thymus gland, connective tissue and nervous system; it balances blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism, lowering cholesterol and preventing arteriosclerosis and heart attacks. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps ease skin eruptions and allergies. As an elixir, it relieves skin problems.

Green venturine Heart Pendant $10