Aqua Aura

Aqua Aura is a beautiful bright blue colour due to a specific treatment process where the crystals are heated and fine vaporized gold is bonded to the stones surface. Their higher vibration relates to the alchemical method used to bond the gold onto the quartz. It frees you from limitation and creates space for something new. It heals, cleanses and calms the aura releasing any stress and healing holes. It then activates the chakras, especially at the throat where it encourages communication from the heart. It releases negativity from the subtle energetic bodies and from the connections the spiritual body makes to universal energies. The expression of soul energy is then activated, fulfilling your highest potential.

Aqua Aura strengthens the thymus gland and the immune system. It is also quite potent within the high heart and heart chakra

Aqua Aura DT Point Pendant
various prices depending on size