Why do you only have 4 sizes ?

As healers our objective for the use of quartz crystal singing bowls is to achieve the most optimum healing for the mind and body, the home or business and the environment. Through our own rigorous testing it is our conclusion that anything below 10” is insufficient in providing the necessary depth of healing required to be of any real benefit. That below 10” lends itself more to audible pleasantries than for any real healing benefits.

The largest in our range being the 16” provides the necessary depth of vibration to penetrate the body’s energy field for optimum results. Anything above 16” becomes rather cumbersome making it difficult to transport in the car and around the home.

Essentially we offer the sizes 10”, 12”, 14” and 16” because this range provides the minimum necessary requirement for any beneficial healing being the 10” to the optimum being the 16” whilst still maintaining easy transportability. However by popular demand for those wanting a larger bowl we are currently stocking 18″ available in F tone only.

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