How do I know what size bowl to buy?

We are frequently asked this question.

In many cases this is often determined by budget and in some cases space is limited so purchasing the smaller bowl may be the best option.

If space and budget is not an issue we provide the following guidelines:

The larger the bowl the lower the pitch tends to be and the greater the resonance. The energy and vibration of the larger bowls penetrate deeper into our energy body so if we look at healing ourselves it’s vibration penetrates deeper thus greater healing. Additionally in respect to cleansing and clearing our space or home environment then it stands to reason that the larger bowl will clear the environment more efficiently in less time.

We have had many clients who have bought solely on price and have later returned to buy a larger size. It is far better to purchase based on your specific requirements rather than be driven by cost alone.

Ultimately your choice is a matter of personal preference. We are always happy to assist you further if you require more assistance in making the right choice for your individual needs.

The full range of sizes we offer are: 10″ 12″ 14″  16″ &  18″ (18″ available in F tone only)

* All bowls include o-ring and striker

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