How can I get the most out of my bowl?

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are extremely versatile healing tools.

Regardless of the bowl tone used, it is possible to target or direct the bowls energy to a specific chakra by alchemising the bowl with specific crystals related to that particular chakra or to achieve the vibration of all 7 chakras by alchemising the bowl with a chakra pyramid (click here for image and pricing). Whilst it won’t achieve quite the same depth of vibration and healing as having one of each chakra bowl, the chakra pyramid does enable one bowl to direct energy to all 7 chakras

An extremely important tool to use and can be used in conjunction with the chakra pyramid is the Black Tourmaline Pyramid (click here for image and pricing). Because quartz crystal singing bowls are so high vibrational they can cause us to become ungrounded or exacerbate those already ungrounded. Being ungrounded causes anxiety, fear and takes us off centre. When we’re off centre we can be overly reactional and easily triggered, so it is vitally important to be / stay grounded. In addition it aids the removal of negative energies within yourself and your space, breaks down electromagnetic radiation sending the unwanted energy down to earth, cleanses your energy and brings a calming effect.

For those seeking to heal on a deeper level, alchemising with Plutonic Solids (click here for image and pricing) which represent the sacred geometry that exists in all of nature thus within each of us. Each geometric shape has specific (mathematical) structural qualities that are associated with one of our five main elementals. When one or more of our elementals are out of alignment, life force energy is not able to flow unhindered and thus becomes depleted, non existent resulting in disturbances within your energetic fields which can cause physical, emotional and mental issues.

Tetrahedron – Fire (Confidence, creates change with caution)
Hexahedron – Earth (Grounding, patience and consistency)
Octahedron – Air (Child, balance, grace, diplomacy, learning)
Dodecahedron – Spirit (Trust in Spirit)
Icosahedron – Water (Emotions, go with the flow, trust the universe)

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