Challenging the Myth

Although many of the myths out there are fairly harmless, others have created uniquely deceptive, misleading or completely false information and claims as to the superiority of the quality and healing capabilities of these powerful sound therapy tools based on where they are manufactured.

Quartz crystal singing bowls are made from silica sand. Silica is the mineral quartz (Si020) and silicon is the element (Si) that is a major rock forming element in the Earth’s crust, so it is therefore found nearly everywhere.

Some sellers market bowls made from “American Quartz” or that they’re even made from 100% pure quartz crystal, and in some cases claim they are “Made in America” in an effort to set them apart, giving the illusion they are somehow superior to those made in China. The vast majority of manufacturers of quartz crystal singing bowls are in China as has been the case for many years, and then exported around the world.

Whilst it is difficult to ascertain the exact reason why some feel the need to heavily emphasize their products are made from “American Quartz” or “Made in the USA”, as there appears to be little reason for making such claims other than to justify the exorbitant prices charged. As we are energy healers it is vital we ourselves only use the highest quality bowls for use with our clients, and our knowledge and experience in this field has been integral in the testing process, because we have been able to fully energetically test our bowls against other bowls that have been claimed to be far more superior and our findings are quite clear… our bowls exhibit the same sound resonance and vibrational healing capabilities at a fraction of the price.

What is important to understand here is that the source of silica sand and where it is manufactured is of very little relevance in determining the sound, quality and healing capabilities of a bowl. Whether the silica sand comes from the United States, South America, India, or China, it exhibits the same healing qualities. And whilst it is almost impossible to verify the exact origin of the quartz used in making any particular bowl, quite simply: Quartz is Quartz.

Therefore, it is important to understand what does make the difference between a high quality true tone bowl and one of poorer quality is actually in the manufacturing process not where the silica sand is from or where it is manufactured.

All our bowls are manufactured in China with patent technology, integrally shaped with the highest quality 99.99% pure silica sand in a vacuum and dust-free environment, ensuring all impurities are avoided during the process of fabrication resulting in a tighter bowl surface. This tighter bowl surface results in deeper, fuller grounding tones which move gently through the body, the duration of the tone vibration lasts longer, the energy field omitted is larger and more wide reaching and has a greater curative effect on the body, mind and the environment.

Like any other product manufactured anywhere in the world, you can get cheaper versions, singing bowls are no different… quality and price can vary greatly from factory to factory. Over many years we have bought and tested bowls from a great number of manufacturers so we can offer the highest quality true tone bowls at the cheapest possible price.

Our suppliers factory is one of the highest quality we have come across and the USA is their largest export market.

Unfortunately some of our customers have told us they had previously bought bowls on sites such as eBay and other retailers but have been disappointed with the sound and quality they produced. After hearing our bowls they were amazed at the difference.

Many of our clients are repeat customers for personal use and others are practitioners such as reiki healers, yoga and meditation studios, sound healers, chiropractors, kinesiologists, colour therapists etc. often purchasing multi bowl sets.

We have had only the most positive feedback from our customers as we pride ourselves on knowledge, quality, price and service.