Are all bowls made the same?

Whilst quartz crystal singing bowls can look pretty much the same, they are most definitely not all made to the same standard and quality. Unfortunately it’s extremely difficult to discern by sight and sound alone. Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are typically tuned to a specific hz frequency which correlates to a specific chakra. Apart from the quality of machinery and stringent processes used throughout the manufacturing process one of the biggest differences between a high quality and low quality bowl is the hz / tone calibration. All our bowls are calibrated to +2hz, which is the tightest tolerance manufacturing range possible. The vast majority of bowls are calibrated to a tolerance of +10hz up to as much as +30hz. Whilst all sellers of quartz crystal singing bowls can state the Tone of a bowl, a calibration tolerance of between +10hz to +30hz are not genuine True Tone / Perfect Pitch bowls.

What does this actually mean?

In simple terms it means that all our bowls are genuine True Tone / Perfect Pitch bowls as they are manufactured to the tightest tolerance possible to the exact hz for the specified chakra tone.

Why does it matter?

Our chakras align to a specific hz frequency so if we are seeking to heal or unblock a specific chakra it stands to reason you would require that specific hz frequency in order to do so efficiently and effectively.

Our Testing and Research:
From our in-depth testing and research of many different manufacturers over the years, we have ascertained that the vast majority produce bowls calibrated at +10 and up to as much as +30 but still market them as True Tone / Perfect Pitch bowls even though in reality given such a loose varying hz range their frequency will not be close enough to the hz frequency of the target / specified chakra. For example we have noted a G tone bowl when tested, it’s frequency can range anywhere between a G and A tone. This for us is an unacceptable tolerance and as such does not meet our strict criteria or definition of a True Tone / Perfect Pitch bowl.

It is far more expensive to produce a +2hz tolerance bowl as the equipment required is more expensive, the manufacturing process is far more refined and requires more expertise and strict quality control protocol. We have discovered that many manufacturers don’t actually have the necessary equipment to produce bowls to such a fine tolerance.

That being said, you can’t rely on price alone to determine what hz tolerance a bowls is. Prices can differ greatly, due to a number of factors, for instance it depends on whether they are a direct importer or a retailer / on-seller purchasing from a direct importer. Furthermore most direct importers and by extension retailers / on-sellers are completely unaware of the existence of bowls even having varying hz tolerance ranges. Upon enquiry, manufacturers don’t give up this information willingly for obvious reasons, it was only through our desire to fully understand, rigorous testing of many different bowls and our persistent enquiries that led us to this very important discovery.

As healers it is and has always been our goal to provide the very best quality genuine True Tone / Perfect Pitch bowls at the best possible price, as the health and wellbeing of our customers is of utmost importance. We have received a great deal of feedback from customers commenting on the difference in the ring duration, sound and overall quality of our bowls vs bowls they had previously purchased elsewhere and in many cases had cost them more.

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