Are all bowls made the same?

Whilst quartz crystal singing bowls may look and sound similar, they’re most definitely not all made to the same standard and quality. Unfortunately it’s extremely difficult to discern by sight and sound alone. As with many products, quality of the manufacturing machinery, the manufacturing processes and quality control protocols can vary greatly from factory to factory.

All our bowls are manufactured with the latest high quality manufacturing equipment, patent technology and integrally shaped with the highest quality 99.99% pure silica crystal (which is pure quartz in nature) in a vacuum and dust-free environment, ensuring all impurities are avoided during the process of fabrication which creates a tighter bowl surface  that results in deeper, fuller grounding tones that move gently through the body, the duration of the tone vibration is longer lasting, the energy field omitted is larger and more wide reaching, thus has a greater curative effect on the body, mind and the environment. We have stringent quality control processes in place both directly after manufacture and they’re checked again once they arrive in Melbourne.

The vast majority of our clients are practitioners in the metaphysical healing space and it is of utmost importance to have high quality bowls. As healers ourselves it is and has always been our goal to provide the very best quality bowls at the very best possible price, as the health and wellbeing of all our customers is of utmost importance. We have received a great deal of feedback from customers commenting on the difference in the ring duration, sound and overall quality of our bowls vs bowls they had previously purchased elsewhere and in many cases had cost them more.

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