Scrying Mirror

Scrying mirrors are used in spirit connection, divining purposes and often in ritual magic ceremonies. Hand made and consecrated by Shaman Craig using ceremonial procedures for the purposes already mentioned.

Constructed through a means of channeling focused energy and intention for connection with spirit.

They have a full black obsidian scrying face and set inside an evocation circled centered in a formal triangle for spirit energy manifestation. The stand has a candle mounting which places the candle light directly behind the mirror to add the energy of the flame to the scrying process.





Cost: $850

Size: 550mm x 480mm x 270mm
Obsidian Mirror: 205mm diameter


Candles of Magic


Self Love Candle

This candle has been formed through a process of ritual magic.

First blending essential oils and herbs then left to steep.

Then the oil is ritually consecrated in ceremony with archangel Anael.

This candle is specifically set with the purpose of self love/self worth.


Abundance Candle

This candle has been placed through two ritual magic ceremonies for the purpose described. The oils were blended and placed with particular roots such as lucky hand and high John the conquer.

Once left over a period of time the oil with roots is consecrated in ritual on the hour and day of Jupiter the energy of abundance, wealth and business.Then a second ritual is performed on the day and hour of the sun. This brings solar energy to create the action and energy of gold. Then the oil is blended in the wax and made into the candle.


Clairvoyance & Intuition Candle

This candle has been cast through a process of specific herbs and roots steeped in essential oils in harmony for intuition.

The oil once left for some time was then ritually consecrated and blessed by the angel Gabriel and intelligences of the moon.


Spell Break & Banishing Candle

This candle has been made through a process of ritual magic. A special blend of oils and sacred roots are blended together then magically consecrated for the purpose described.

This candle is specifically set for targeting negative influences through the projection of sources outside of yourself, and removing its influence from you.