Who needs Space Clearing?

Everyone would benefit from a space clearing. As people are becoming increasingly aware of energy and how it can impact our health and wellbeing, many are now choosing to make space clearing a regular part of their building maintenance programme so that their space is as energetically clean and clear as it is physically clean and clear.

It is extremely beneficial to have your home, office or business space cleared before or if you have just recently moved in as this will ensure you are not taking on any energies from the previous occupants. These energies quickly and easily attach to you as you are just going about your normal daily lives. We have had many calls to clear homes where people have moved into a home and had been living there for some months and slowly but surely have noticed since living there their lives had dramatically changed for the worse. Some have reported they now have anxiety or depression where they hadn’t previously, others report having a string of bad luck since moving in and so on. It’s because the energy living inside the home / space is holding the energy of all its previous occupants. This energy will remain there until it is properly cleared.

Similarly we often clear homes for sale as this often results in greatly improve sale prices.

We have received a great deal of feedback from people telling of remarkable results they have obtained by having a space clearing.

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