What is a Space Clearing?

A space clearing is the act of cleansing and purifying the energy of a space. Just as we need healing, so too does the environment we live in. As we go about our daily lives, we are constantly being exposed to the energy around us and from the people we interact with. We attract and absorb this energy that attaches to us and can affect our health. Most of us are not energy sensitive enough to be fully aware or conscious of these energies and what effect they are actually having on us especially over the long term.

Sometimes walking into a home, office, workplace, restaurant and alike can cause an uneasy or even sick feeling in us and quite often we don’t understand why but we just don’t feel entirely comfortable being there. Without being consciously aware of what it is, you are picking up on negative energies of that environment which is why it doesn’t quite feel right. All environments take on energies from its occupants or customers in the case of offices and businesses. It is extremely important to heal and clear our environment from these negative energies, illness from people, paintings, objects etc. from both current or past occupants living or deceased, especially where death has occurred in the home or office as this has a direct significant and substantial effect on us and our lives.

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