How is the Space Clearing performed?

Initially we will walk around and read the energy in your space. There may be a short discussion with you if necessary before we begin. We will generally begin at the further most point of the home or office systematically working our way through each room toward conclusion at the front exit. Michelle will play a quartz crystal singing bowl with a specific alchemy of crystal and stone elements and Craig will channel energy over a specialised crystal grid. This combination is a very powerful proven methodology for clearing all unwanted energies and in addition, being Shaman, Craig effectively and safely removes any unwanted spirits that may be present.

Once we have completed the space clearing your space is not only clear of any unwanted energies, negativity, sickness or unwanted spirits, we have replaced that energy with pure positive high vibrational energy.

After the clearing, if we deem it necessary we may discuss some of the concerns of the previous energy.

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