How can Space Clearing help?

Having a space clearing will assist and help to create more abundance, peace, prosperity, harmony, creative flow, balance and love. It can also help to sell a home or business by shifting any stagnant energy and filling it with a vibration that is aligned with opportunity, abundance and change. A clearing can also bring protection, peace and love to a new home, by setting an energetic intention.

We have performed many clearings for people that are in the final week of an auction campaign and their real estate agent has advised them that they do not have any interested parties and they do not understand why, as they had many people through the property but they have all since dropped off. When we have assessed the property, energetically there were many reasons why the buyers were uninterested in purchasing the property.

Once the clearing was performed 99% of them were sold at auction well above the reserve price. In one instance the owners told us the price they received was a record high for that area.

Similarly we have had amazing results with rental homes where landlords have reported record numbers of applicants, increased rental yield and have ultimately secured better tenants than they had previously had after having a space clearing .

There is great benefit for retail shop owners and businesses in offices, as a space clearing can increase sales revenue, increase productivity, increase staff creativity, less sick days, harmony and happiness amongst staff and in general, overall business growth.

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