Commissioned Art


Everlasting Art
is powerfully channelled art with true energy vibration bringing a theme of the eternal life everlasting. This art combines the elements of earth, industry, sacred geometry and spirit. Each art piece is hand crafted and sculptured to suit the individual’s requirements, whether it be animal connection, event/s, cultural, connection to loved ones current or past, business or anything else your heart desires.

This art connects directly with you the client and always contains great hidden meaning, bringing new perspectives as you connect with it over time, and in itself can heal. All sculptured pieces have an afterlife theme built into it and the meaning of the art often have changing interpretation over time as life events unfold and new happenings are noticed, as this art is both prophetic and manifesting by nature. The changes in interpretation are not unlike the incarnation changes in our own soul’s spiritual journey.

This art inspires the mind with true 3-dimensional form to see and motivate with an alternative dimensional feel.

Each piece is unique and is accompanied by A Certificate of Authenticity.

Orders are made by placing a 50% deposit with an approximate 5-10 working day turn around time.


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