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Double Sessions

Double Sessions

Double Sessions

Double Sessions are a combination of a 90 minute Psychic Counselling Sessionand a 90 minute Shaman Healing Session.

During the counselling session we look at deep seeded beliefs, cyclic patterns and blocks that have impacted you and the fixed way of thinking that has shaped your life. This gives understanding as to why you are where you are right now, and then by dispelling and releasing these limitations they no longer have influence on your future. Where required guidance and assistance is given to past, present and or future issues.

During the healing session any residual active thought energy resultant from the counselling session is cleared and extracted. Then healing of deeper issues not already addressed are further identified and extracted. For example deep trauma, fears, unnecessary forms of self-identity, depression, anxiety and trapped emotional pain.

The result is a powerful shift on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.


Contact either Michelle 0418 100 655 or Craig 0435 855 391
Email: spiritualguidance@bigpond.com

3 hour Double Session $400
(In person sessions only)