Psychic Counselling for Couples

There are many factors in life that can put significant pressure on individuals and relationships. During different phases of our lives we experience different types of challenges and the way we cope with these challenges varies greatly between individuals.

Psychic Counselling for Couples can help you better understand more about yourself and the difficulties in your relationship. Often when a relationship begins to fail people blame each other making it almost impossible to move forward and for the individuals to see a future together. It is extremely important for each person to see how their behaviour may be contributing to the difficulties, have a true understanding of how each other is really feeling and why, explore what is most important for each individual and find the common ground in between.

It is a safe and neutral environment where you can explore what potential your relationship has and what tools may be required for you to achieve this potential.

Pre-marriage counselling is also highly recommended to ensure your life together gets off to the best possible start.

1.5 hour Couples Counselling Session   $200

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