Why Psychic Counselling?

Personally I find the traditional approach an extremely limiting, costly and lengthy process. A number of my clients report they had previously seen a psychologist or similar mainstream therapist and having spent a lot of money and time, do not feel they have moved on from their past issues nor do they feel they understand much more about themselves and why the repeated patterns continue to occur in their lives. Others feel they have gone as far as they can go with their current therapist / therapy.

Often people have trouble recalling or remembering much about their childhood and or adolescence, especially the very painful experiences, so it is extremely difficult for a traditional therapist to be able to effectively help.

Psychic Counselling does not have a reliance on you to remember everything because clairvoyantly I am able to look at what’s not visible. This is extremely powerful as it is important to get to the roots of an issue in order to heal and move on from it.

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