Psychic Counselling

Bringing together both elements of clairvoyance and counselling is extremely effective in assisting us to move past any difficulties we face in life, as most often the very basis of our problems, poor decisions or issues began in the past where we took on limiting or incorrect beliefs. Through psychic insights we are able to target the origin of these beliefs, see how they have had a negative impact on our life, and how they have influenced our past, present and future choices and decisions, then we are able to dispel and release these negative beliefs allowing us to confidently move past them so they no longer have an influence in our lives.

* Anything discussed during the sessions are and will remain private and confidential

1.5 hour Psychic Counselling Session   $150

(via telephone also available)


Why Psychic Counselling? Is it suitable for Children & Adolescents?  |  How many sessions will I need?

Psychic Counselling for Couples  |  Double Sessions


Why Psychic Counselling?

Personally I find the traditional approach an extremely limiting, costly and lengthy process. A number of my clients report they had previously seen a psychologist or similar mainstream therapist and having spent a lot of money and time, do not feel they have moved on from their past issues nor do they feel they understand much more about themselves and why the repeated patterns continue to occur in their lives. Others feel they have gone as far as they can go with their current therapist / therapy.

Often people have trouble recalling or remembering much about their childhood and or adolescence, especially the very painful experiences, so it is extremely difficult for a traditional therapist to be able to effectively help.

Psychic Counselling does not have a reliance on you to remember everything because clairvoyantly I am able to look at what’s not visible. This is extremely powerful as it is important to get to the roots of an issue in order to heal and move on from it.


Is it suitable for Children & Adolescents?

Yes, absolutely!

The years between 6 and 16 (middle childhood and early adolescence) are a time of important developmental advances that establish a child’s sense of identity. Biological and cognitive changes transform children’s bodies and minds. Social relationships and roles change dramatically as children start school, join sports programs and become involved with peers and adults outside their families. During primary childhood, children develop a sense of self-esteem and individuality, comparing themselves with their peers. In adolescence, the tumultuous physical and social changes that accompany puberty, the desire for autonomy and distance from the family, and the transition from primary school to high school can all cause problems for our young.

Our fears, behaviours and beliefs are greatly influenced by what we see, hear and experience. As we grow older generally speaking these beliefs and fears we created at a young age begin to manifest into our actual existence and soon they become our normal. For example, this is where we can see repeated patterns in our life such as the woman who seems to always be with an abusive man, and can’t seem to break the pattern.

Early identification and clearing of these limiting, detrimental and self-sabotaging beliefs allows the child / adolescent to move forward in a healthy, happy way.

Self-esteem returns, relationships with parents, teachers and peers improve. They have a renewed sense of self and are now in the best possible position to make the right choices allowing them to shine and be all that they can possibly be.

Personally I am very passionate about early intervention and believe it’s the greatest gift we can give our children.

How many sessions will I need?

It is a difficult question to answer definitively as it is dependant on many factors, such as to what extent the person is seeking help, if there are multiple issues, what the underlying issues are etc, thus each person will need to be assessed individually. Some have many issues or areas of their lives they would like assistance with so the road will be longer, whilst others may only need a few sessions if they are dealing with a specific issue of concern.

After the presenting issues or areas of concern are dealt with, many choose to return on a semi regular basis initially to keep up the positive momentum and keep on track whilst others choose to return on an as needs basis.


Psychic Counselling for Couples

There are many factors in life that can put significant pressure on individuals and relationships. During different phases of our lives we experience different types of challenges and the way we cope with these challenges varies greatly between individuals.

Psychic Counselling for Couples can help you better understand more about yourself and the difficulties in your relationship. Often when a relationship begins to fail people blame each other making it almost impossible to move forward and for the individuals to see a future together. It is extremely important for each person to see how their behaviour may be contributing to the difficulties, have a true understanding of how each other is really feeling and why, explore what is most important for each individual and find the common ground in between.

It is a safe and neutral environment where you can explore what potential your relationship has and what tools may be required for you to achieve this potential.

Pre-marriage counselling is also highly recommended to ensure your life together gets off to the best possible start.

1.5 hour Couples Counselling Session   $200


Double Sessions

In addition, an extremely powerful method to shift and shed emotional baggage and physical ailments in both a time and cost effective way is through what we refer to as a ‘double session’. This  encompasses a 90 minute psychic counselling session specifically designed to target the root cause of the emotional or physical pain, then a 90 minute healing session to remove the remaining surfaced energies and blockages thus allowing greater healing to occur effectively and in the shortest possible time frame.

3 hour Double Session   $300