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The Importance of Grounding

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Grounding is extremely important, but unfortunately many people aren’t even aware they’re ungrounded.

Being grounding is being energetically connected to the earth so you are more authentically in your body. True grounding comes from living and engaging with family, friends, work and society. Truly living in the reality of life… this means you are present and aware, have clarity of mind and feel more consciously connected to who you are in this lifetime. When you are in your body and fully aware (grounded) you are not easily triggered and are in the best position to achieve the bringing of your desires into physical reality.

To be ungrounded is not being consciously connected to your life and off centre. It’s a form of escapism! Escape from your life due to any number of reasons, such as:

– High stress levels due to events in your personal life or environment which unhinge us
– When you get upset, angry, frustrated or emotional in some form or another
– Disharmony and unhappiness with your life
– Traumatic events past or present

Many start out on a spiritual path often trying to escape their current life issues because it feels so good to be connecting to the energy of source. We are spirit having experiences in a physical body and there’s no escaping that… if you want to move past your struggles you must first recognise you need to be fully present in your physical body and connected to earth.

When you are ungrounded you are easily triggered’ by people and situations and in this state you can be easily confused and influenced by others or your environment which often leads to irrational responses and feelings. It can create anxiety and fear, you can be easily distracted and unfocused, feel spacey and not quite in your body or like you’re floating outside your physical body which can cause you to feel manic and out of control, powerless or a little unsafe like you don’t have a solid foundation to stand on. There are varying degrees of ungroundedness so you may experience only a few or all of these sensations.

You may be a hard worker, creative and motivated but yet you seem to be getting nowhere and can’t seem to move forward no matter what you do.

There is a plethora of information and beliefs out there about the best way to ground yourself. Some suggest walking barefoot in nature, meditating, visualisations etc. In our experience the most effective way to ground yourself is by working with the vibrational energy of very specific crystal/s.

Wearing these specific grounding crystals by way of bracelets or pendants is also a great way to assist in maintaining your grounding throughout the day.

In our opinion, the most effective crystals for grounding are:

Black Tourmaline

For more information on crystals and how to work with them go to our page Healing with Crystals

How our Beliefs shape our reality

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When we’re born we have within us everything we need... then through the natural course of life we’re shaped and influenced by our parents, friends and our environment. We then begin forming our own beliefs based on what we’ve seen, been told and experienced.

We believe wholeheartedly that our beliefs are true and real and we respond, react and live our lives according to them. It’s unfathomable to think they may not be right or that they’re actually blocking us from the life we’ve always wanted.

Essentially our lives are the sum total of our beliefs. Not necessarily our conscious beliefs but the dogmatic mind of the subconscious. What the subconscious believes becomes the law of your world whether you consciously agree or not. Then the law creates the manifest world we reside in. So put another way, it is actually these beliefs that create the circumstances or events that trigger us.

For example, a person who has grown up in a poor family may hold the belief “I’ll never have money or I’ll never be rich”. No matter what they do they never seem to be able to acquire enough money. Basically their life is reflecting what they believe.

Worse still, we aren’t even aware of beliefs held by our subconscious mind but they have great impact on how we think, feel and manifest.

Have you ever wondered why a particular circumstance keeps happening to you and you have no idea why? Or you find yourself continually reacting a certain way and have no idea why?

This is our underlying subconscious beliefs showing themselves in our real world experiences.

When we can begin to identify these beliefs and recognise why we may have formed them or whilst they may have kept us safe or protected us when we were young, they now no longer serve us and are actually having a negative impact on us now, we can consciously decide to change them or let them go... we can transcend their influence.

We can choose to see these so called negative or unwanted circumstances or triggers as an opportunity to start seeing what our underlying subconscious beliefs really are. It’s in the identification and acknowledgment of what really lurks beneath that we have the real opportunity to heal.

So when you find yourself being triggered, rather than automatically reacting the same old way, first acknowledge you’ve been triggered which in itself can diffuse a lot of the initial impact, then enquire within as to why it’s triggered you, what do you believe that causes you to react this way. At first it may be difficult to really see the underlying belief/s, however if you continue to look at things this way eventually the truth will become more visible and you will then able to overcome them. The beauty about it is that when the circumstances which previously triggered you in relation to the belief/s held will cease to appear in your life. That’s when you’ll know you’ve moved past it.

Life CAN be what you want it to be!!