440hz vs 432hz

We have chosen to stock only the 440hz bowls for the following reasons:

The world standard to 440hz was set as it is easily producible and holds a stable frequency no matter the instrument or it’s size.

The margin of error to calibrate 432hz bowls is far greater than that of the 440hz thus the manufacturing process is far more complex, requiring two additional production processes.

Choosing 432hz bowls comes with a number of notable downsides and limitations which should be considered before purchasing:

  • Stable frequency limited up to 12” size, beyond this size we have found them to be unreliable in maintaining their specified vibration throughout. The vibration and sound fluctuations are quite evident, which means they aren’t targeting the specified frequency for the duration
  • 440hz and 432hz bowls don’t play harmoniously together which is problematic for those requiring larger size bowls
  • Due to the complex and additional production process required to manufacture 432hz the cost per bowl is significantly higher than the 440hz bowls.

The vast majority of our clients are healers / practitioners who require larger bowls in their set (14” and above) as the energy and vibration of the larger bowls penetrate deeper into our energy body than the smaller bowls, thus the capacity for deeper healing and clearing. The frequency fluctuation the 14” and above the 432hz bowls produce when played means that they can’t stabilize on the intended frequency for the duration in order to effectively target and clear that chakra as efficiently.

Unfortunately there are a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding the 440hz frequency, however these claims are just not true. Furthermore, given 440hz is standardized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 16), then obviously the vast majority of music etc is produced based on 440hz. Now just supposing the 440hz frequency does cause damage or issues, then healing on the same frequency of 440hz is required. It’s like being on the radio station 101.1 FM (432hz) but trying to listen to 104.3 FM (440hz), it’s impossible. So using healing tools based on 432hz will do little to target or heal any claimed effects caused by 440hz.